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Fully Supported

SELECT subscribers are able to prevent and resolve problems quickly, in a way that also provides the best continuing software use, by taking advantage of the key benefits of SELECTsupport. Our worldwide team of product and industry specialists is available to help you resolve technical issues to keep you and your team continually productive

Get Expert Advice through Assisted Support
Access the help you need from the people who know the software best, our Bentley Technical Support Group, by phone, email, or Internet chat. A world-class team of Bentley's own product experts with specialized product knowledge are committed to providing support in over 17 different languages to back you up when you need help.

Assisted Support

Find Help When It’s Needed with Round-the-Clock Service
Receive help anytime with access to our support engineers. Not only is Bentley’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week support uncommon, but the quality of the support is backed up by the industry-leading grade that subscribers give Bentley SELECTsupport every year in the annual subscriber survey.

Round-the-Clock Service

Maintain Technical Self-Sufficiency with Self-Help Support
Subscribers are equipped to prevent and resolve problems for themselves with immediate access to technical tools, forums to connect with peers, and product information on demand including an extensive support library of documented issues and solutions as well as frequently asked questions.

Self-Help Support

SELECTsupport Resources

SELECT subscribers can directly submit and review data in Bentley's call tracking system. You can search through the same database used by our support staff to browse answers to common questions and technical solutions, share information with other Bentley users, and access a variety of other tools to help you get your job done more effectively.

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Live Chat

Live Chat provides Bentley SELECT subscribers with access to Technical Support personnel through the use of Internet chat. Hours for Live Chat are 24 hours a day, Sundays at 6 p.m. through Fridays at 5 p.m. Eastern Time (EST/EDT).

Connect to Live Chat

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Remote Desktop Support

Remote Desktop Support uses Microsoft Office Live Meeting technology that can add another dimension to your technical support phone calls. It provides Bentley Support analysts, as well as Bentley SELECT subscribers, with the ability to "drive" or view a shared session of Bentley products over the Internet. To request a remote desktop session, submit a request via the Service Request Manager.

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Search the Technical Support database of solutions. Our KnowledgeBase allows you to quickly locate solutions that have already been provided to other users. This system will continue to grow each and every day as cases are resolved by our support analysts.

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TechNotes and FAQs

Browse through our library of product-specific technical support documentation. Some of the online documentation provides answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), while others are procedure-based technical solutions helping you to accomplish a specific task.

Search TechNotes and FAQs

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Be Communities (Forums)

Meet other users of Bentley products, exchange ideas, and discuss a wide range of technical subjects in Bentley's discussion groups. They're a good source of how-to tips, technical information, and programming techniques from Bentley employees and professionals who use our products.

Join a Discussion Group

Developer Network

Developer Network

Learn about this exclusive, no-additional-cost, opt-in benefit for Bentley SELECT subscribers who want to customize or extend Bentley products for deployment and use within their enterprise.