Bentley AutoPIPE V8i (SELECTseries 4 Beta) v09.05.00.04 Readme


Build Type
SELECT Beta Release Product
Microsoft Windows (see System Requirements for specific details)

Bentley AutoPIPE V8i (SELECTseries 4 Beta) is a stand-alone, Microsoft Windows engineering application used for the calculation of piping code stresses, deflections, and forces under static and dynamic loading conditions. AutoPIPE's object-based graphical interface provides fast model creation through the use of cut, copy and paste features that reduce repetitive input by the user. Stresses, deflections, forces and moments can be instantly viewed by simply clicking directly on the model, eliminating the need to review voluminous batch output reports, typical of older methodology.

Applications Included in the Install Package

AutoPIPE Standard, AutoPIPE Plus, AutoPIPE Nuclear, and add-ons are installed from one executable.

AutoPIPE Standard
- The standard configuration of AutoPIPE includes these features:

  • Hanger selection, static linear and non-linear, modal, and response spectrum (SRSS combination method only)
  • Static Earthquake, Wind - ASCE, UBC and User profile
  • ASME B31.1, B31.3, B31.4, B31.8, European EN13480, and General piping code
  • Rotating equipment reports
  • Beam elements for modeling frames and supports
  • Library utilities

    AutoPIPE Plus
    - Incorporates all of the features of the Standard version, as listed above with the following additions:
  • Harmonic, Force spectrum, Time history, and SAM
  • Buried pipe
  • NUREG combinations and code case 411 spectrum
  • Static correction - Missing mass correction and ZPA
  • Wave loading and buoyancy, fluid transient loads, and relief valve loads
  • Nuclear power piping codes: ASME B31.1-1967
  • Offshore piping codes: ASME B31.4 Chap. IX, ASME B31.8 Chap. VIII, CSA-Z662 Sect. 11
  • International piping codes

    AutoPIPE Nuclear
    - Incorporates all of the features of the Plus version, as listed above with the following additions:
  • ASME Class I/II/III design
  • ASME Class I Thermal transient analysis (TTA)
  • ASME Class I Ovality, Gross discontinuity, Delta T1, T2 loadings

    KHK2 Add-on for AutoPIPE Plus or Nuclear
    - allows the use of the Japanese KHK Level 2 piping code in the Plus or Nuclear version.

    StressISO Add-on
    - allows the use of the stress isometric generation feature

    Intergraph PDS, SmartPlant and ADLPipe Translators - This release installs three translators to import models from other applications to AutoPIPE.
  • Intergraph PDS, SmartPlant and ADLPipe translators included
  • AutoPIPE File > Open menu updated to include 3 new options
  • A new program group "Bentley AutoPIPE Translators" added with shortcuts to launch translators
  • Easy to locate installation directory; all installed under "javascript:void(null);"
  • Installers included as part of package at location shown below

                         |_Translators - This folder contains translator installers

    Note: For further information on translators, please refer to their respective readme files.

    System Requirements

    Important Note: The following prerequisites are required to run each of the modules included within the application:


     Intel Pentium III or higher
    Operating System

    Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 or later OR

    Microsoft Windows Vista Business or higher

    Microsoft Windows 7 Professional or higher

    32 or 64 bit OS

    Web Browser
     Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or greater
    Hard Disk
     250 MB minimum free hard disk space
    Video Graphics Card
     Any industry-standard video card which supports OpenGL 3D graphics
    PDF Reader
     Adobe® Acrobat Reader 7.0 or greater

    Before you install any software, you should confirm that you have adequate hardware and software capabilities to install and use the product.

    Product Download and Installation

    To download the products, create a MySELECT CD or to complete the licensing process, you must have the appropriate roles assigned by your Site Administrator. If you have not been assigned these roles you will need to obtain the name of your Site Administrator from the Bentley website at SELECTservices Online at . Select MySupport Account / Permissions. Clicking on the List SELECTservices Administration button will access the Site Administrator at your company enabling you to request that the appropriate permissions be added to your profile.

    With the appropriate privileges you can obtain the software as an electronic file from Web Downloads or the products may be ordered on a personal CD through MySELECT CD.  Once you have installed the desired product you will need to complete the product authorization process by obtaining a license file from Bentley.

    SELECT Services Online / MySELECT CD: When you order a custom CD from MySELECT CD the product directory structure for this product appears as shown. To install from the CD locate and run the setup.exe file and follow the online instructions.

    The installation program will guide you through the process, prompting you for information when required.

    If you are upgrading from an earlier version of the application, it is highly recommended that you do not install this product over the previous version.

    Note: This is a standalone installation, no other previous installed product version is required.

                         |_setup.exe - This initiates the install process

    Downloading the files from SELECT Services Online/Download - the download process gives you a choice to save the file to a specified location, or to begin the installation from the download area.

    Network Considerations

    Network drives are only supported for data files.

    AutoPIPE software must be installed on a local client workstation.

    AutoPIPE data files (*.DAT) must have full read/write access to be opened and edited.

    Bentley SELECT Server Licensing

    Upgrading Your Current Product

    AutoPIPE Standard, AutoPIPE Plus, AutoPIPE Nuclear, and add-ons are are all supported on the SELECT Server Licensing. If you are upgrading from an earlier version of the product, it is highly recommended that you do not install this product over the previous version.  Older versions of AutoPIPE 6.3, 8.50, 8.51 and 8.60 will run under SELECT Server XM Licensing using the SELECT Server XM Gateway Service and the older SELECT licenses. For more information on the SELECT Server XM Gateway Service see the AutoPIPE Quickstart.pdf.

    The AutoPIPE products can be authorized as Standalone Licenses (formerly called Fixed Licenses), fixed to one user workstation or as Concurrent Licenses (formerly known as Floating Licenses) running from a local or Bentley hosted SELECT Server.

    Authorizing a Standalone License

    If you are upgrading an existing installation to run on one workstation, and you have License Tool privileges you can obtain a license file to complete the authorization process. Access the License Tool at from My Support Account menu located on the left.  Once you complete your request you will receive an email including a License File with instructions for completing the process.

    Authorizing Concurrent Licenses to Run on SELECT Server

    Concurrent Licenses (formerly known as Floating Licenses) are now managed through Bentley SELECT Server, a benefit of Bentley SELECT. Using SELECT Server requires a valid Bentley Serial Number, site server name and activation code to authorize the application. The Serial Number you received when you purchased the application is used to obtain a License File to complete the authorization process. For more licensing information see the AutoPIPE Quickstart.pdf.

    A signed SELECT agreement must be on file in order to convert your licenses from Floating Licensing to Concurrent Licensing.

    Users who have existing Floating Licenses and wish to convert the licenses to run on SELECT Server can contact Bentley Sales Support Center from the website at The following information is required when requesting SELECT Server licensing: Server Name, email address of the recipient of the SELECT Server license and the Serial Numbers to be added to the server.


    Program Help: Detailed feature information may be accessed directly from the calling application by selecting the Help command, or by pressing the Help button from any of the application dialogs. Be sure to explore the program Help for answers to your questions.

    Tutorials: Documentation for AutoPIPE applications is provided online in the Adobe.pdf format. These files are accessible from the Help Menu. All documents can be browsed, searched, or printed with the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
    Information and how to download a FREE copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader can be obtained from

    It is highly recommended that you obtain the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    If you do not have access to the World Wide Web, please contact us so we can provide you with the necessary files for using the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    New Features In AutoPIPE V8i (SELECTseries 4 Beta) v9.5.0.4

    The following is a list of new significant features and updates in Bentley AutoPIPE V8i (SELECTseries 4 Beta):


    Allow entering polar/cylindrical coordinates using radius, angle and elevation

    Input Grids

    Add input grid for RIGID options element

    Optimize performance of segment input grid


    Export model data, graphics, results and deflected plot to DGN

    Piping Codes

    Add JSME /JEAC PPC 2008 code

    Post Processing

    Increase number of combinations to 1000 each for code and non-code


    AutoPIPE functionality for QA Approvals

    The following AutoPIPE features are considered as "Nuclear Safety Related":

    1. Modeling - all features

    2. Codes supported
      1. ASME NB, NC, and ND - all years listed
      2. ASME B31.1 and B31.3 - all years listed
      3. JSME
      4. MITI

    3. Libraries
      1. Materials
        1. ASME1986, 1992, 2001, and 2004
        2. AUTO1967
        3. AUTOB313
        4. B311-86, 92, 04, 05, and 07
        5. AUTOJSME
        6. AUTOMITI
      2. Component
        1. AUTOPIPE
        2. AUTOJIS
      3. Flanges
      4. Gasket

    4. Analysis
      1. Static Analysis with the exception of Hydrotest
      2. Dynamic Analysis
      3. Thermal Transient Analysis (TTA)
      4. Seismic Anchor Movements

    5. Loading Conditions
      1. Loading Conditions include, but are not limited to, pressure, temperature, seismic, wind, fluid transient, steam relief, and thermal bowing

    6. Post Processing for piping codes above
      1. Code and Non-code Load Combinations for piping codes above
      2. Onscreen Results
      3. Output reports

    7. Integration with STAAD Pro

    8. Unit Conversion


    QA Reporting Notices

    The user document numbers which correspond to this release are:

        DAA037360-1/0001 - "Tutorial"

    The "Acceptance Test Set" document number which corresponds to this release is:


    Error reports are available with client participation in the "QA & Reporting" services. Please visit our Online Support login page at... the Support Tools column near the bottom, select the 'AutoPIPE & STAAD.Pro Error Reports'. The requested User Name is your email address, and the Password is that which was previously assigned by your SELECTservices Site Administrator. Once you are successfully logged in, select the Link 'AutoPIPE & STAAD.Pro Published Errors'. This action will produce the 'AutoPIPE and STAAD Error Reports' page. Choosing the Error Reports tab will bring up a page that allows selection of the database for each major workgroup, and product Select 'Computer Aided Engineering', and the product you are interested in (the default is 'All Products'). Next, press the radio button for the 'Select a Time Frame" section. The two list boxes allow selection of the time period (month and year) and format style. Report type 'Simple' represents a summary set of information, where 'Complex' produces all publishable information related to the errors. The error reports can be printed directly as displayed, or they can be pasted into a word processor or spreadsheet program to allow custom formatting or permit word searching. Note that if the 'View Open Items' radio button is selected, a cumulative open error report will be generated.