Bentley IEG License Service v02.00.08.02 Now Available!


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28 August 2007

Bentley is pleased to announce the availability of a new version of the Bentley IEG License Service v02.00.08.02. This is the central service used by IEG products (*) to obtain the SELECT license in order to operate.

This version has been released principally to provide major new functionality requested by a number of clients. This version now allows Bentley IEG products that require a checked out license in order to operate (*) to continue functioning in the event of a failure of the license server, whether it is hosted by Bentley or deployed by your organization. With earlier versions of the IEG License Service, this would result in the products not being able to operate, unless a valid license has previously been checked out manually.

Additionally this version has addressed a number of other issues:

  • Now supports automatic check in of licenses for operators with "User" rights.
  • Support of authorization codes beginning with "0"
  • Installation ensures suitable privileges so that required components are registered.
  • Check added to ensure licenses checked back in.

Note that some Bentley IEG products may include the installation of this service as part of the application installation whilst others will identify the Bentley IEG License Service as a pre-requisite. All IEG products will benefit with the above features if this version of the IEG License Service is installed.

The three step process should be followed:-
1) Download the installation from the Bentley SELECT site:-
Click on the link
Downloads/MySELECT CD
(You will need to login with your Bentley User Name and Password) On the Select Services Downloads page, create a search by product 'IEG Product' Select the Bentley IEG License Service and click continue to choose whether the installation is downloaded or cut onto a CD and shipped to you.

2) Once the installation has been delivered, un-install any previously installed version of Bentley IEG License Service from Control Panels 'Add or Remove Programs'

3) Install the new IEG License Service on the workstations which include installations of Bentley IEG products.

(*) IEG Products that utilize the Bentley IEG License service include:

  • STAAD Pro
  • RAM Structural System
  • RAM Concept
  • AutoPipe
  • RAM Advanse
  • RAM Connection
  • STAAD.Pro - QSE
  • STAAD.offshore